Monday, September 5, 2011

Can't Be A Pretty Boy and a Gangster

Now if you don't know I was born, and raised in the heart of the South Bronx in one of the most violent housing projects between 170 St. & 169 St. On Webster Ave. Not ashamed of where I'm from at all, but not so proud of the things I have done, and encountered while making that transition from boy to man. Growing up in the projects showed me sometimes your friends are like your relatives in so many ways especially when it comes to not knowing what people are capable of when not in your presence. I can count on my hand how many of my child hood friends that are still alive, and out of that on my first 3 fingers I can count how many are not serving less than18 years in prison. You can't shoot, beat up, or rob people, and not expect retaliation. My lady (@Shelina) dad told me when I first met him "never go where your excepted to be, if your knee deep on these streets". That stuck with me because he's an OG that has been through his fair share of hardship. That's not karma that's life, live by the sword die by it! Since the beginning of time. With that being said my condolences goes to those who were innocently caught in the crossfire, because not everyone shot was deserving of it, but the saying we all heard growing up in the hood, and from the looks of this article we will hear until the end of time "A bullet ain't got no name!"

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